Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oxfords: yay or nay?

They're popping up everywhere. Oxfords. With heels and without. Leather looks and metallic. hmm, do I like them? are they cute? Or are they too edgy for me? (this made me giggle a bit, oxfords are a preppy, vintage shoe most of the time, but as a new fashion trend they are also edgy... oxymoron?) I like the 20's -40's vintage vibe they give. I'm not sure though. Any thoughts?

Fountain Spray Wingtips from Anthro

Volatile Davis from Zappos

Aoki Heeled Oxfords from Anthro

Baisley Cap Toe from Fossil

I am still holding strong to skirts and tights for work. I own one pair of dress pants that fit right now. Oxfords seem like a great option for those chilly days when I don't want to don my favorite tall boots with a skirt.

These from Payless are cute with the wedge. I'm not sure I would wear a flat pair. They look too... flat? I'm not sure what I don't like, but the flat ones are not for me. These have a cuteness to them that I like.
I could see them with some opaque tights and a pencil skirt. Or a fun dress? Hmm, let's see:

oxfords with pattern




  1. I sort of like the wedged or low heeled ones but it is a little too like my grandmother's shoes from my childhood.

  2. I know nothing about fashion...zilch...nada...but I don't think I will wear this kind of shoe this season. Like Jo said, kinda like my Gram used to wear....or my first grade nun. But I never got used to the gladiator shoe either!

    On you I bet they would be adorable!

  3. @NJO They are totally grandma-ish! :)

  4. @Mo oh goodness, your first grade nun! haha, that made me laugh. Mo, I might still wear them. :)


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