Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall said hi and then goodbye

A couple of days in the last seven were cool and breezy. It was delightful. I wore pants and sweaters and skirts with boots. And then the hot came back and I was wearing pants, totally unprepared. Ah well, pretty soon I'll be wishing for summer again.

Work has been very stressful this month. I've been tired and busy- not the best recipe for blogging. I've got a to do list, don't worry I'll get it done and there will be more here!

Scrapbooking... I'm not doing very well on my goal- but there are more weekends ahead. I've changed my goal to be done in a few weeks to be done by Christmas. I can't wait!

Lately I've been cooking more at home. I like making something for dinner and having 3 more servings in the fridge to eat later in the week. Like this omelet/scramble I made the other night.

In it I put: two eggs, two egg whites, low-fat cheddar, feta, spinach, turkey sausage, green onions, green pepper and lots of dill.

Brody is ready for fall too. I've been slacking on his hair cuts lately and he has a partial mohawk and weird patches that stick out on his sides. Normally when his short cut grows out I have to trim those areas, but I haven't had time. Each haircut is like a battle between us, and cooler weather means less fighting. So I'm sure he's ready...

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