Monday, June 25, 2007


This is the second week for my temp job at the law department at the city. They are interviewing for a paralegal, so hopefully they won't need me for much longer. I'm really glad that I'm working, but I don't enjoy working there. The attorney's are nice, however they can be a little intense (which comes with their job I guess). I just can't really do the work they need me to do, and it's frustrating to sit and do nothing all day. I actually don't mind not having anything to do, except when the attorney's there. She is always walking by my desk and I feel like she is giving me shrewd looks judging me because I'm not busy with work. But I've organized the whole office, washed all of the shelves and desk surfaces, alphabetized the binders, straitened the filing cabinets. After doing all of that I can't come up with anything else I can do on my own. And when I ask them if they'd like me to do anything, they get impatient with me. But I've realized it's not my fault the phone never rings or that I don't have outlook so I can't keep their schedules, or that they don't give me work to do.

So today the attorney left the office for the afternoon and the assistant attorney told me to surf the internet or something! lol. I must have played solitaire at least 25 times. It was nice. : ) luckily I also had a book with me today so I read and did internet stuff too. I feel guilty for sitting there and doing nothing, but they want me there to answer the phones and take messages for them when they're not there--- so I need to just relax...

Monday, June 18, 2007

A new job

I could tell you a lot of interesting things about my new job, but I signed about 5 confidentiality agreements. I can tell you that I'm the secretary for the two city attorneys. I have a desk with a computer, but no e-mail account. About 10 times today I reached for the mouse to check the e-mail and I had to remind myself that I couldn't. There was a lot of time today that I was sooo bored, but I guess that goes along with it being my first day. I spent a lot of time making copies and running errands. Hopefully I'll have more to do tomorrow.

I feel like a really boring person... lol. Well, I'll write more when I'm more exciting. : )

Saturday, June 16, 2007

my new life

It's late and I'm tired-it's been a long week. I'm finally here in my new home, after planning it for so long it seems weird that it is actually happening. One week ago today, I drove down with my car packed and my heart in my throat.

This week I visited two staffing agencies, had a job interview, got a car wash, toured a ton of apartments, shopped for a new cell phone,
applied for a bunch of jobs, and got a temporary job at the City Government of a town near hear for the next couple of weeks.

Oh! and we just put our deposit down for an apartment! I almost forgot. It's just what we wanted, and cheaper than the other ones we were considering. But you'll have to wait until August to see pictures, cause we don't move in till the 8Th.