Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fossil's Holiday Lookbook with Kendi

Ok, so you can't read fashion or style blogs without knowing about Kendi Everyday... I mean, she's the one who started the 30 for 30 remix that everyone seems to be doing now. (I haven't, for the record...)

Browsing through my reader today I saw that Kendi worked with Fossil on their latest lookbook, and I had to share! I am a big fan of Fossil's clothes and shoes (or used to be...two years ago I wanted every top and skirt in their summer collection, but since then I haven't been quite as smitten.) But I really loved looking through the lookbook. I admit, I would probably only wear 50% or less of the outfits shown, but some of them are soooo cute. Take a look at some of my favorites:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Printable Planner Pages

As promised, here are links to the planner pages I've made. Here is what I have so far:

Monthly pages
2012 Calendar
*you can pint this file as one month per page, or two and it will give you the 81/2 x 5 size that fits in a mini binder.

Weekly Pages: Option one
Weekly Planner Pages Option One
*I'm a list maker, and this layout seems to work well for long to-do lists.

Weekly Pages: Option two
Weekly Planner Pages Option Two
*I use the left hand side on each day for my schedule and appointments and the right side for reminders and lists.
*Print either one of these weekly pages onto 81/2 x 11 paper and cut in half.

Food List/Meal ideas
Food Lists 
*I use this one to record menu ideas, meal ideas, healthy snack options, and other food related things that I don't want to forget. With Pinterest, and so many great food blogs out there I come across so many good ideas and then promptly forget them when I'm making a grocery list.

  1. Food/ diet tracker
  2. Daily page
  3. Weekly pages
  4. Monthly pages
  5. Yearly calendar
  6. Prayer list
  7. Shopping list
  8. Big items shopping list / things to save for
  9. Goals
  10. Contacts 
  11. Food List/Meal ideas

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wool Pencil Skirt

This wool pencil skirt from Jcrew is too much for my limited budget right now, but a girl can dream, right?

jcrew pencil skirt #2

Jcrew pencil skirt #1

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fabric Find: Joel Dewberry Aviary 2

 I love this line from Joel Dewberry. Aviary 2 in Lilac has some really fun prints. These are two of my favorites: Bloom and Sparrows. See the whole collection of Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A tutorial...

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a great day so far. I have only noticed a few symptoms/changes since the RAI treatment.
  • slightly sore throat (comes and goes throughout the day)
  • Goiter is gone! My thyroid doesn't feel squishy anymore
  • My resting heart rate has increased
  • I am exhausted! no matter how much I sleep I don't feel rested and my mind also feels tired.
Anyways, on to something I wanted to share. Shelly at House of Smiths shows how you can change your blogger profile so that when you leave comments on blogs the author can easily respond by e-mail. I think you can also make a similar change on your google profile if you don't have a blogger account. I did this a couple of months ago and it's so fun to have a conversation back and forth through e-mail with blogger friends. I would highly recommend it! If you feel uncomfortable about sharing your personal e-mail address, you can always create a separate "blogging" e-mail address. Click on Shelly's screenshot below to take you to her tutorial.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Printables and a list of planner pages

I love printables. It's so fun to print a cute notecard, art print, or templates that people share.
from the Graphics Fairy

 Just for fun, here's a list of some of my favorite places to go for printables and free graphics:

I've been working on creating my own DIY planner for next year. It's fun to customize everything just the way I'd like it. As soon as they're done I'll update this post with links to all of the pages and you can print them if you'd like! Here are the pages I'm working on.
  1. Food/ diet tracker
  2. Daily page
  3. Weekly pages
  4. Monthly pages
  5. Yearly calendar
  6. Prayer list
  7. Shopping list
  8. Big items shopping list / things to save for
  9. Goals
  10. Contacts 
  11. Food List/Meal ideas

Some other things I want to include:
  • Lined paper for notes
  • Post it notes and flags
  • Month tabs
  • business card page protector to hold Bible verse cards
  • Pen loops (I want to buy some LePens... anyone know a good place?)

Anyone else use a planner or agenda that they make themselves? It would probably be cheaper and soo much faster to just buy one, but this way is just too much fun. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The post in which I give you a bullet list...

This is what last weekend looked like. Note- the remote is in a plastic bag... more on that later.

I keep thinking of things I want to blog about. Recipes, craft projects, things Brody has done... Then I get busy with work (very important, since it pays my rent) or I just continue to sit on the couch, crocheting and watching the Biggest Loser. But I can't help but feel like I'm behind- I want to record what's been going on- even though I feel less than motivated to blog. So here it is, a list.
  • I had radioactive iodine therapy done on Friday, and spent Fri, Sat and Sun locked away in my apartment by myself.
  • Brody spent the weekend with my sweet friend Kristina. I missed him a lot. 
  • We have a new couch and I've been doing re-arranging and re-decorating in our living room. 
  • I'm making baby gifts. I love doing it, and wish I could share what I'm making, but my friends might see and the surprises will be ruined.
  • Weight Watchers was great for 3 months, but I didn't renew it and I've gained back the weight.
  • My thyroid will soon be gone and my metabolism is probably going to tank too....
  • I'm on a diet. but this time it just includes a few rules: eat fruits and veggies when I'm hungry between meals, only one treat each day, and eat less overall. In theory it sounds good.
  • Exercising is on the top of my to do list, but I severely lack motivation. 
  • It is dark at 5pm. This does not help me accomplish my #1 to do...
  • Brody spent an hour last night chasing after, barking at, and tossing around an empty water bottle. Why in the world do I buy him squeaky stuffed dog toys??
  • My little brother is going to Thailand in December with YWAM. I wish he was closer so that I could take him out to eat at my favorite Thai place before he goes.
  • Being in isolation for three days gave me the chance to become obsessed with the Canadian show Heartland. Netflix only has season one and half of two, and now I'm dealing with Heartland withdrawal. Someone help me...
  • It was so beautiful outside yesterday that I pulled my folding chair out of my trunk and sat next to my car in the parking lot on my lunch break. It felt like spring.
  • I'm going to post about radioactive iodine, but it's still in the works.
  • I'm busy making planner pages. I would like to share them as PDFs when I'm done. I just need to figure out how to upload PDFs to blogger. 
  • Also, I ordered new glasses today.
  • That is all. 

Fabric Find: Wildfield by Valori Wells

This one is so dreamy looking. I always love dandelion motifs, and this one is so pretty!

Found at HawthorneThreads.comhttp://hawthornethreads.com/fabric/designer/valori_wells/wrenly_voile/wildfield_in_cobalt

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crochet School at Craftyminx

Since the cooler weather is here, I'm getting the urge to crochet again. (I mean, who wants to sit in the summer with half an afghan over their lap.) I made a baby blanket for a friend's shower this weekend, and I finished a cream colored throw I started the month I was diagnosed with Addison's. Next I'm going to work on some other baby items for friends and a cowl scarf for me.

Do you know how to crochet? I learned at some point when I got a kit for christmas one year. Between my mom and friends I've learned the basics, but I'm not a pro by any means. I don't do a very good job of following patterns, but I've been trying some new stitches this year. Craftyminx has some great tutorials to help you learn how to crochet if you'd like to. I've been pouring through each lesson to brush up on things. Click below to see the whole series:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011