Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Series: Links

Here's a new series of posts of links that I think are great.

This is a great blog by a professional organizer. I love her page design and she has great ideas.



I've been reading a lot of blogs lately and I have started to feel like I had abandoned mine. Sorry guys! A lot happens and instead of writing about it, I feel busy and like I don't have time.

So here's a little update before I can sit down and write a real post:

  • I stayed in TN for Easter, and we had a garage sale the day before. : )
  • We threw a huge Birthday Party for one of my roommates, she loved it.
  • I went to Rochester, NY with one of my roommates to visit a college friend of ours. It was tons of fun.
  • I flew from Rochester to NC where the rest of my family was waiting. My Great Grandpa died and I was able to be there for the funeral. It was wonderful to see everyone, even though it was a sad time.
  • Last Sat I went Garage Sale-ing with a friend all day, and then to a Casting Crowns concert that night.
  • Tonight, an appointment with the nurse that's running the clinical study that I'm doing, and another fun concert.
Till another time...