Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another installment of my health story

After a doctor visit yesterday, I'm taking a new thyroid med. It's called Tirosint. Anyone heard of it? I hadn't.  From what I have gathered, from my doctor and online, it's simply Synthroid without any binders or fillers. It's a gel capsule.
I was hoping that my blood-work was going to show an issue that would explain the symptoms I've been having, but nothing had changed from a month ago. In fact, the results were all mid range, better than ever. My pulse is really good, my blood pressure perfect. So I explained to my doctor that the lightheadedness, muscle weakness, heart palps, and anxiety were not something I was willing to ignore. He was surprisingly agreeable (I have doctor issues.) and said that treatment for thyroid disease is highly subjective to how well the patient is feeling. HA. this is new for me. Anyways, he said that I have several options and it was up to me to choose based on what made me feel good. The T3 in the Armour Thyroid was likely what was causing me to feel anxious, antsy and have trouble drinking caffeine. And the dr said that my body may not tolerate the Armour even though it is technically doing it's job. So my options:

  1. Stay on Armour and tough it out
  2. Go back to the generic of Synthroid
  3. Try Tirosint
  4. And if the Tirosint doesn't do it's job on it own, add Cytomel (T3)
I'm not ready to go back to Synthroid. It feels like giving up on finding a better option. On Synthroid, I slept 10-11 hrs a night to feel rested and still enjoyed afternoon naps occasionally. I don't want to waste my life away sleeping that much. That is the biggest reason I'm trying to find something else to treat my thyroid disease. So we'll see how it goes.