Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Osage Oranges

These green seed pods might be strange looking, but they are such a pretty color and smell so nice!

I put a bunch in a basket on our coffee table and they make the living room smell great.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


One of my favorite hobbies is scrapbooking. The problem is-- I do not look forward to getting all my supplies out and putting it away each time. I end up working on my scrapbooks less and less, and then I feel guilty for not using all the great supplies I've collected. A month or so ago I found a website called Scrapblog. It is so fun, and the best part is that it is free! Once you create an account, you can make as many digital scrapbooks as you want. Your pictures can be uploaded directly from your computer, or from a photo hosting site, like Picasa. The variety of backgrounds, stickers and themes is pretty amazing. A lot of the designs remind me of supplies I have seen in stores. There is a drawing tool, a huge font selection, you can add videos and sound, and shadows and effects to add depth.

Scrapblog builder

I am so excited to try their newest tool-- printing!! Before, you were able to save your Scrapblogs on your computer or print them yourself. But now they offer printing and binding right from!

Scrapblog printing

There are some limitations. For instance, you don't have the ability to copy and paste text from the Scrapblog Builder-- or spell check inside of the Builder. I also miss the texture you get from actual paper scrapbooking.