Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Planner Pages!

Here is my second installment of printable planner pages. To see the complete list go here.
and to find the other pages go here.

First, here is my Weekly Grocery List. This is just what I normally buy each week with room to spare.

Weekly Grocery List

Second,Master Grocery List

Third, WW Points + Tracker

And if you'd rather have a plain old one: Diet Tracker

Here is my Prayer List
I use this to keep track of things people have asked me to pray about. I currently keep a list, but I don't plan on using names on this list so that if someone happened upon my binder they wouldn't know who I'm talking about.

Then, here is my Shopping List

I use this for things I want to buy, but aren't groceries. Such as socks, craft supplies or a sweater for Brody....

Next is my list of things To Save For

This is a list for Goals

So there ya go! A few more pages checked off my list.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sparkly Surprise

Some of you might know that I've been dating a handsome guy I call BL here on the blog-a-log. (BL is a family nickname that seems to fit for blogging purposes...) This weekend was our one year anniversary and he surprised me with something pretty and sparkly and... well it looks like this:

That's right, we're engaged!!!!  I was completely surprised, not expecting a ring this soon. It's amazing how many emotions I've experienced since Saturday night. Shock, amazement, wonder, love, intense giddiness... I have felt so blessed and overwhelmed and speechless and ready to burst and and and.... 

I want to remember all of this, because it is such a special time. I had no idea...
I'll work on writing proposal story for all of you, so stay tuned for that! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thoughts on this thing called blogging...

from bhg.com
Blogs are amazing. Really, they are. Some people spend hours on Facebook or Twitter, socializing, keeping up with friends, sharing their lives.  Blogs are more personal, more creative, less filled with farmville and other time wasters... On blogs, it is easier to avoid content you don't like.

I read blogs that make me smile. I read blogs that are encouraging, blogs that are written by women that I can relate to. Reading blogs makes me think, strive to be better and love people more. I learn about travel, sewing, being a woman of God, dealing with disease, having a sense of humor, fashion, and so much, much more. Blogs written by authentic people make me realize that we are all dealing with something. We all have struggles and deal with them in our own way.

What are some of your favorite blogs? Check out my list of Blogs to Read to see mine.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Thursday kind of week

Happy Thursday! 
 Thursdays are my most tired days of the week, so today I have tried to do things to keep my energy level up. Including:

  • listening to Christmas music on Pandora (Gene Autry and Bing Crosby anyone??)
  • Planning out what I'm going to do tonight (who am I kidding, I do that everyday at work)
  • writing with my peppermint scented candy cane pen (33 cents at wags. yup, I bought one for each of my work buddies too.)
  • adding new clothes to Polyvore (take a look at my latest versions of my work uniform---> below)

Winter wardrobe uniform #2

My winter uniform

I haven't been successful lately at losing weight. I stopped gaining right before my RAI, but I can't seem to lose any. So I've still been wearing a lot of skirts to work. They are so much more forgiving than pants as my weight fluctuates. I almost bought two pairs of khaki pants at Old Navy this week, but my budget won out over the $42 I would have spent. Plus, their pants don't last very long so it was probably wise to wait ( and maybe a little bit more motivation to lose weight? as if I don't already have enough...)

Brody has been with BL this week. I've missed him. At night I've been cold since he's such a little heater, and when I get home the apartment seems so still. BL sent me this picture on Monday of what Brody had been up to:
See those little paws??? so cute.