Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hairstyles for special events

For our wedding I'd like to get my hair professionally done, but I have several events coming up where I'm choosing to do my own hair. When I was a kid I looooved to do my friends' hair. At sleepovers I was the one with the curling iron in my hand during movies. While the others painted nails and read magazines I was creating elaborate up-dos and braids.
 I am pretty lazy when it comes to styling my hair now- it's wash and wear for me most days. But I feel like I am still pretty handy with a curling iron, and saving money by doing my own hair for special occasions is worth it. I've been thinking about different options and watching youtube videos. (I made my veil a couple of weeks ago and youtube videos were really helpful!)

Here are some styles that I might try:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Save the Dates!

We sent our save the date postcards out last week. We're still working on getting some addresses, but I was really excited to send them so I started anyways. I worked with Etsy Seller Nostalgic Imprints to design a vintage travel postcard design for Kentucky (where we're getting married). She put our names on the front and all the other pertinent details on the back. I've blocked out most of the details for the sake of privacy, but you get the gist!

 So far I've gotten lots of texts from people saying they think they are cute! I loved the idea of the souvenir postcard and BL was happy to go along.They only took 3 weeks from the day I requested a custom design and the day they were delivered at my door. The front of the card is glossy and the back is matte (for writing on). Believe it or not, this was my first purchase from an Etsy seller. Since then I've bought a few more things for the invitations.

Jane at Nostalgic Imprints already had several different state postcard designs. I think they're all so cute.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I went to three Target stores to find this skirt...

I know what I like when I see it, and this skirt was one of those things. I already have it in gray and have almost worn it out. At $22 I was willing to track down my size and buy it at the regular price. 

Winter into Spring- new Target skirt

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Invitations and spring at my desk

The view at my desk today. I stopped at lunch and bought a $3 bouquet of cheerful tulips. 

Wedding planning is so much fun, and there are so many different ideas flying around in my head. I have enough ideas for 10 weddings. No, I don't want to become a wedding planner, but it is hard to decide what my favorite ideas are. I want our wedding to have a cohesive feel, and still be memorable and fun. We bought paper and envelopes to make our invites! I was toying with two different options: floral or travel themed. Everyone who knows me knows I love flowers, so that would fit me. But a green and blue color scheme with some pretty flowers doesn't necessarily show off our vintage travel theme. Plus, BL really liked the airmail theme I cooked up. Decision made, all that's left is to design the invitation and put them all together. All 150 of them. I'm excited to do it, it's a great excuse to be crafty and watch a bunch of Heartland. oh and hang out with my sweet MOH. She already offered to help and she doesn't even know what I have planned! Here's a sneak peak of the supplies I have bought so far: