Wednesday, April 20, 2011

light and bright: two couches

Two couches facing one another are so great.
To this day, my grandparents have two red velvet sofas facing each other in front of their fireplace. My grandpa says he thought grandma was crazy when she decided she wanted two sofas the same size for their living room. Now he admits it is very nice to have them when guest come over.
They make the perfect arrangement for conversation, and offer comfortable seating for up to 6 people without pulling up extra chairs. This arrangement is also great for two people watching a movie, it's so nice to stretch out and not have to lay on your side to see the tv.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


These little dears have captured my attention. I check on them several times a day.

 Go here to see them yourself: 

I started watching the day before the third eaglet hatched. They used to be downy and as white as their parents' heads. Now they're developing their pin feathers and getting bigger and plumper.

The mom and dad take turns sitting on the babies and feeding them.  This male eagle has had this next for years, and this is his second wife. Did you know that eagles mate for life? You can tell the difference between the mom and dad by their heads. The mom has grey "eyeshadow" behind her eyes and the dad has darker black "eyeliner" really close to his eyes. The mom is also bigger.

Watch out, they shoot streams of poop over the edge of the nest every now and then.

Update: The camera lens is ice coated today, so tomorrow might be a better day to check in on the eagles.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Some days all I want is to be outside, sitting in the sun. Give me a breeze and some water nearby too, and I'm suddenly transformed to a happy, contemplative place.

Spring feels like a gift. 

and it's here...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bedroom Inspiration

My bedroom right now is a mish mash of furniture, a dog crate and extra bedding and pillows. I keep making changes to the arrangement to make things seem more put together, but I think I really just need to de-clutter. My favorite rooms always seem calm, but are colorful. The bed is usually the focal point, and there is balance throughout the room. I have a twin bed ( I bought it when I moved to Nashville to save space, and now I wish I had gotten a bigger one) and it's not the focal point I'm looking for. But I'm going to try and make it work.

This room is so cute, and I think what makes it attractive to me is that it is so simple.

Style at Home

The colors in this one make such a sweet impression, and the vintage accessories are similar to the look I like.
The dreamy color on the walls in this one is what made me stop and grab this one for inspiration. I'm thinking that this color needs to be part of my color palette. I also love that cute upholstered chair.

House of Turquoise

Armelle Blog

Jolly Goode Gal

Here's a twin bed. If I get a plain bed frame instead of the wrought iron one, I could put mine under the window in my room and free up a lot of visual space. I wish I had a little nook with a window like this bedroom...

Apt Therapy

Centsational Girl

I mainly want to create a space that is cozy and welcoming. I spend more time in my room than I used to since I have a roommate now. (who by the way is so sweet, she makes having a roommate so great. I know you're prob not reading this Blair, but if you are, I love ya!! )

I was thinking about trying to find an inexpensive option for a bigger bed, because I sit on my bed to coupon, to watch tv- basically whenever I"m in my room and not sleeping.

I was also thinking about making a cover for Brody's crate or tucking it under a table so it isn't so obvious. I think it makes my room look messy.

I have large scale gallery wall decor, and fabric curtain ideas floating around in my head, but Ive been hesitant to hang anything up since I'm not happy with the furniture arrangement yet.

So many things I could do...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My favorite

When spring is really here, daffodils are blooming everywhere in Tennessee. And it usually starts a month before it does in Michigan. I love it. This picture is from Meadowbrook Farm.