Wednesday, September 7, 2011

White Towels

I agree with this philosophy! If money were no option I would have all white towels, but right now I stick with the 3 or 4 colored ones that I have and the few white ones.

photo from Maillardville Manor

But here's a thought, is it easier to have different colored towels for different members of a family? Right now it's just me, but when I have guests I like to give them a different color than I'm using. That way I can re-use mine another day, and they can re-use theirs without confusion if they wish. Thoughts?


  1. Thanks for the support Suzanna!
    I have totally had this thought too for when we have kids. I think it would be soooo cute to have pink for girls and blue for boys or blue and green for two boys! I think when the time comes, we'll use white towels but attach a little ring in a color or a little monogram in a color :)
    Thanks again for the shout out!
    lots of love

  2. I really like colored towels - they add so nicely to the decor in a bathroom, and white gets dirty so easily! I like your idea of different colors for different people. It makes a lot of sense.

    Also - love your blog! It's just so cute, and it seems like a fun place to hang out! So glad you stopped in at mine today so I could come over!


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