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Organizing Photos and my scrapbooking dillema continued...

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If you couldn't already tell by my last post, I'm leaning more towards digital than traditional scrapbooking for most of my To Do List.

I have several albums that are half finished that I'll finish the traditional way, and there are a few special events that are less than 10 pictures each that will go in albums I already have. So here is my updated Photo To Do List:
  1. Finish unfinished scrapbooks
  2. Organize remaining photos
  3. Create photo disks for all digital photos
  4. Back up digital photos on portable hard drive
  5. Create digital scrapbooks (see list below) 
Digital Books to make:
  1. Wedding
  2. Honeymoon
  3. 2012
  4. 2011
Here are some options I'm considering:
I've really really intended on making a Blurb blog book for a year now, and just haven't done it yet. But I've been hearing more about Blurb for photo books. This might be a great option for both. I really like how Natalie did hers. I also like what Lemon and Raspberry did with her Alaska and Scotland vacations and her December daily book. When I first found Allie Edwards blog I was convinced that I wanted to do a week in the life book, but the December daily book looks really fun. The buildup to Christmas would be so interesting to document. Another interesting photo book is this Instagram one that Elise did. She wrote captions in it after it was printed. I like the personal touch.

I've heard mixed reviews on this one. Their software crashes and people lose all of their work... other people say they love it. They have some great coupon codes though, like 50% off and buy one get one free. I've ordered prints from shutterfly many times.

Not sure yet about this one, but I like what I see so far. Great reviews and lots of freedom to customize. The software is online, and that makes me nervous. Just like with Shutterfly- there's more of a risk of losing your work.

I've heard some great things about this one. You download their app on your computer and do all of your work in that. The books are all landscape- which is probably fine- but I noticed that some of the other sides have portrait sized books too.

PhotoBookGirl is a fun blog that has a ton of reviews on different photo book sites and has coupon codes. There is also a wizard that will help you decide which site to use and show comparative prices. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it's pretty cool.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Organizing Photos and my scrapbooking dillema

I've got a box of pictures. A box bigger than I should have for my 27 years of life. Oh I should mention that I l also have about 20 albums filled with scrapbooks and pictures. Not good for my minimalist heart.
As I'm getting ready to move (for the 8th time in 5 years!) I'm really trying to consolidate, sort and donate my things. I've tackled the kitchen, my closet, and my storage closet. I set aside a few boxes from the storage closet that I just didn't want to tackle at the time and one was this dreaded box of pictures. The wedding is so close now that I know I'm not going to be able to do anything about it right now, but I've been thinking about after the wedding. I'm ready to get down to business and organize this mess!

Here's my dillema: To scrapbook or not?

My Photo To Do List:
  • Wedding book- for BL and me and both sets of Parents (will probably include engagement photos)
  • Yearbooks: 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012
  • Vacations: Florida 2006, Boston 2010, East 1999 or so, Dale Hollow twice, and several others I'm forgetting
  • Senior Trip and Open House (yes, from High School)

The Methods:

Old-Fashioned Scrapbooking
  1. I have a ton of paper, empty books, page protectors, stickers etc.. to use up.
  2. Possibly a cheaper option considering #1.
  3. I like to do "crafty" projects, it's stress relief for me
  1. Takes up a lot of SPACE (supplies spread out everywhere while you work, ugh... and the finished product tends to take up more space on a shelf than digital)
  2. I would have to get a bunch of prints to fill in gaps where I didn't get pictures printed
  3. I can only work on this when I'm at home surrounded by supplies
  4. takes more time.
  1. It's fast 
  2. Neat and Clean looking. I can make similar sized books that would look great lined up on a shelf or stacked on the coffee table.
  3. We can order duplicates for family  
  4. Takes up less storage space (I could also get rid of all of my supplies!)
  1. Less personal in some ways. It's not my own handwriting and it's not the same feeling as paper and embellishments layered together. 
  2. Requires time in front of the computer. some days after work this is not what I want to do. But who knows, after the wedding I may not be working at a desk job all day. 
  3. Will cost money.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The list

umm, yeah... 

19 days!!!!! eeek! I'm not really sure it feels real. but, oh man, I'm so ready. I miss BL so much and I'm ready to be done with work here in Nashville. So here's "the list" dun, dun, dun.... 

  • make veil (second attempt, the first one was the wrong color)
  • Shopping: guest book pens, Fishing line, misc. fabric, gift cards
  • Confirm ceremony order with Pastor
  • Confirm ceremony music with Muscician
  • Finalize reception playlist
  • Pack for honeymoon
  • Pack for week of wedding
  • give honeymoon itinerary to parents
  • finish day of schedule 
  • Finish games for reception tables
  • Make and print ceremony programs
  • wrap presents (for parents, attendants, etc.)
  • Make signs for guest book, lawn games, etc.
  • Buy gift cards for people giving us their time
  • Make bunting and banner
  • go to 2nd and 3rd dress fittings
  • get ring plated and cleaned
  • buy heel inserts for wedding day shoes
  • decide on wedding day hairstyle and practice creating it
  • E-mail wedding day details to everyone involved with the wedding
  • Make sure wedding day binder is ready for day-of-coordinator
  • Create diagrams and descriptions of decor for day of decorating (that I won't be allowed to help with)
  • Download sheet music for ceremony and give it to our ceremony musician
  • Give Brody a close haircut so it has time to fluff up a bit before the wedding
  • Get a facial ? maybe?  probably not...
  • Whiten my teeth
  • Work on pre-marital counseling homework
Other To-Dos:
  • return comcast equiptment
  • e-mail about 10 people back
  • polish up my resume'
  • find someone to buy/take my furniture
  • Pack Apartment (enough said) Almost done!!!
  • cancel gym membership
  • cancel rental insurance
  • get copies of medical records from Endocrinologist
  • get new glasses 3 pairs! I love them!
  • go to the dentist
Week of the wedding:
  • make bridesmaids bouquets
  • put together napkins with utensils
  • get marriage license
  • Pay the photographer
  • Pay the florist
  • Decorate the tent
  • Decorate for the ceremony
  • Finalize our reception music
  • Steam rehearsal dinner dress
  • practice dancing

Hair Tutorials for Wedding Day Hair

I'm probably going to be doing my own hair for our wedding and these tutorials are giving me some great ideas! I am going to try some things out, take some pictures and see what I like best for my hair. What I know I want:
  • an updo
  • at least a few curls
  • a bump in the back with a smooth place to put my veil
What I don't want:
  • a style that is so complicated that it makes me nervous
  • a loose style that will fall out during the day
  •  volume on the sides

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home Office Workspace

Here's what I've been thinking about for our Guest Bedroom in our new apartment. BL needs a wide open workspace for school and gaming, and I need a craft area with lots of accessible storage.

New Apartment- Home Office

Ideally there would be enough space in the room for both of these things, and we could each have a "half" to do with what we wish. I'm also thinking that we might want a guest bed in here, so we may need to put my "half" of the room somewhere else. There are several big closets and an office nook, so we'll see what we work out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thinking about our new apartment

BL and I are combining all of our stuff and creating our first home together. We have very different tastes and styles. He's traditional and dark...I'm vintage-cottage-modern and bright. So compromise is going to be the main theme for us in decor and furniture. I've started with some of our furniture and started some mood boards. Here's what I'm thinking for our dining area.
New Apartment- Dining Area #2

New Apartment- Dining Area

Monday, September 17, 2012

Girls' Weekend

Recently my Mom and cousin Alli came to visit for the weekend. I took Friday off and we had fun hanging out. We ate dinner at Chuy's one night, shopped at Opry Mills Mall, went to our favorite fabric store and did some sewing. Oh, and I almost forgot, Sweet Ceces... 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Brody's Summer Vacation Continues

Who knew that I had a water loving dog? Here's my little guy enjoying a day on the boat with the family and his friend Oliver. 

Helping Dad drive the boat

Enjoying the wind with Oliver
Shaking off on everyone
Giving hugs to Oliver

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bridal Shower in Michigan

My Aunts Annie and Lynne threw me a shower last weekend. It was such a fun day. Almost all of my female relatives came, and it was so wonderful to see them and the friends that made it.

Playing Games (animal pairs, flower meanings...)

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Delicious Lunch! Parmesan Brucetta, Pasta Salad, Watermelon, Chicken Salad, BLT tomatoes.
Opening gifts

Yummy mini desserts

More of Brody's Vacation

 Visiting cousin Scooby.

 Hanging out with Scoob.

They seem to be pals.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Free Sandwich at Arbys today!

11:00 AM to 1:00 PM today Arbys is giving away free Hot Turkey Roaster Sandwiches. No coupon necessary! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dream Dress!

The moment I saw this dress I loved it. Such a great silhouette, and the vertical pattern is a dream! Pair it with coral accents and a more modern shoe and you've got a classy summer (or fall in the south) wedding outfit.
Dream dress

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

After wed-blues

Ok, so this seems a little silly to me, but I'm going to blog about it anyways. After the wedding, I'm pretty sure I'll be busy (getting a job, sewing curtains for our new apartment, learning how to be a wife...) but some of my friends who planned wedding before me say that it can be a let down to be done with wedding planning. I've started to think about some great projects to do after I get moved to North Carolina.

#1 Scrapbooking--- you know, that thing I said I was going to do before the wedding... Well, as I've mentioned recently, it hasn't gotten done. I need to takle that box of loose photos, and get going on recent life events. Here's a recap of some of the things I need to scrapbook or finish:
  • senior year trip
  • my birthday scrapbook
  • several vacations through the years (3 or 4 or so)
  • our wedding
  • our honeymoon
  • the years 2010-2012

#2 Family History--- I'm really excited to delve into some ancestry work. I studied history in college, and I've always said that social history is my favorite. You know what I mean, the day to day, nitty gritty stuff? Who was who and what they did and what their everyday lives were like? That's what I like. So it's natural that I need to find out these things about my own family AND Blake's family. Some of my relatives have already done a great job of researching our family tree and there are several cousins doing things right now that I want to join in on.

#3 Embroidery--- yes, the needle-craft. I don't know why, but I love it. The winter months will be perfect for this. I did some last year and the year before, but I'm ready to really learn the correct way to do the stitches. Check out these projects I found on Pinterest!
find it here on Etsy

Find it here at the blog jessimakesthings

find it here at the blog yougogirl

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shoe lovin Saturday: Jack Rogers Georgica

If I could find these on a great end of season sale, I think I'd snatch them up. love them! Find them here at Zappos.