Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blue Wedding Shoes!

I found my blue shoes! They aren't at all like I thought I was looking for, but they are perfect.

I wasn't expecting to like ones with rhinestones, but they add a dressy element that simple flats don't have.

I'm so excited to have them! I found them at TJ Max for only $40. At department stores I've seem them for around $100, so it does my bargain shopper heart good that I got such a good deal.

They are Adrienne Vittadini "Sapphire"

Blog design, Gift Registries, and Photographer

Ok, so I'm not loving the new blog design. I'm not sure where to go next, but I'm going to ruminate over it a little. Something better will come about, I promise.  

This last weekend, BL and I registered at a few stores. It went so well. Seriously. Pish, posh you people who say that wedding registries bring fights and arguments. I didn't get everything I wanted, and BL didn't get everything he wanted, but we both left the stores feeling happy I think. I did let BL do the scanning. He took out any aggravation by pretending to zap me with the scanner. boys will be boys.

Photo from friend's wedding.
 Next up is choosing a photographer. Not sure how to go about it, but right now I'm wading through the options I've found. I guess I'll contact a few and see if they'd like to meet with us? Does anyone have any experience or advice to share in choosing a wedding photographer? 

I hope your Tuesdays are all going grand!

P.S. after 3 migraines in a row last week I got some blood work done, and found out I need another increase in Synthroid... hope it helps!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Looking for motivation

I'm so sad that season two of Downton Abbey is over. I'm sure someone who reads this understands my sadness, and I had to say it to someone who understands. (ha... I laugh at myself... so melodramatic)

So apparently 100 mcg of Synthroid wasn't enough. I'm taking 112 mcg now, and I'm wondering if I might need more. I've been tired still, and losing weight is not happening very quickly. I keep losing between 5 and 10 lbs and then gaining it back the next week.  I joined weight watchers online again. It's been helpful and motivating. Exercising is going ok, but not great. I need to get in at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday, but in the last two weeks I've only worked out 6 times. I hung up some pictures to motive me, want to see them?

Here I am years ago at 130lbs before I got too skinny from Addison's:


Then I lost a bunch of weight when I got sick in 2009. My skin is really brown from the hyper-pigmentation that comes with untreated Addison's. I thought the weight loss was just my new "normal."
Three months before I was diagnosed

The week I was diagnosed.,
taking an audio tour at the Hermitage.
only one month after Addison's, before Prednisone made my face swell.
 And here I am at Christmas 2011 (40 or 50 lbs heavier than is healthy...)

I love this picture because it is of us, but it's hard
to see myself look so different than before.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What I've been up to

Ahh, life... it catches up with you sometimes, doesn't it? I moved into a new apartment last weekend, and it seems like I was saving up so much to do and plan until "after the move." I still have a ton of organizing and re-arranging to do, and the new apartment came with a lot of maintenance issues (tub leaking, laundry room leak, no cable hook up, mail key didn't work....) All of that stuff takes a lot of time to get sorted out!

So besides moving, I've also been working on a wedding website

It's for the wedding party and our families to keep up to date on all of the plans we're making. I used Blogger and chose a simple template with pages for all of the different categories.

Then I started a blog redesign, but haven't finished it yet (as you can see, it's half new and half old...)

Anyone else really sad about Picnik closing? I'm going to have to go back to using Picasa and Aviary. hmm, or maybe something else.

oh and, Working, Working, Working.... as always, I have to pay the bills. :)

My health has been pretty good. Bl and I talk a lot about how we learn all the time how much extra Hydrocortisone I'll need for different things. Like the day I moved I took 15 mg extra throughout the day and while I was drooping with exhaustion by the end of the day, it seemed to ward off any Addison's symptoms.

Thyroid-wise, I seem to be doing ok on 100mcgs of Synthroid. I had a doctor's appointment this week, so we'll see if my levels prove I need more or not.

I was hoping the Synthroid would help spur on my metabolism and I would lose some weight, but not much change there. I counted calories for 3 weeks straight in January and lost 8 lbs. But then I had some stress and ate a bunch of fried food and gained it back. The root of this problem is my lack of discipline in sticking to a healthy diet... and my lack of exercise. Losing weight has to become a priority. If I use you guys for accountability on that, you won't mind, will ya? BL has been kicking up the exercise in his life, so that's good motivation. I just need to stop making excuses and work out.

On a final note, what would we do without Pinterest?? Before I was engaged I was pinning decorating images like crazy. Now that I'm stalking wedding websites, Pinterest is so wonderful for keeping track of inspiration. Here are some of my favorite pins from the week: (click on each caption to go to the source and to see the pictures in a larger size.)

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