Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blue and Green Notebooks

Here's what my desk at work has on it right now:

The blue binder is for wedding planning and the green binder is my planner. They're sitting right at my side, ready for any random thoughts or notes.

I'm loving my planner. I ended up buying pre-printed calendar pages because I liked the tabs they came with. Other than that, all the pages are ones I've shown you here and here or scrapbook paper.

Here's a peek into my planner (blurry pictures from my phone...)
Pen loop from the Container Store

Month page

Amy Butler paper

Tabs... pretty colors get me every time.

The layout I settled on for my weekly pages

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  1. You are so organized and it is so pretty! I don't have enough stuff to do or places to go to bother with an ornanizer....but if I did need one I would want one just like yours.



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