Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Smile

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 After a crazy month, I'm starting to feel like life is settling down. I got sick the first week of July, and unfortunately Addison's makes being sick much more complicated and last much longer. This week is going to be better, I can tell already.

At first I wasn't sure what was wrong with me, but we've (the doctors, me and anyone else I complained to about being sick) decided that it was a "viral illness" of some kind. Fevers, aches, and in general not feeling too hot. Then from being sick my thyroid decided to join the party and went hyper again. So I'm on a new med nicknamed PTU. (It's full name starts with Propyl and has 10 more letters including T and U thus the abbreviation I guess.)

Some of what I've been up to... saw the fourth fireworks while sick in Louisville. They were fantastic. no sarcasm there, I promise.

My overactive thyroid has helped me lose 20 lbs! (hopefully staying on WW will help me lose the rest.)

Brody got fleas. gross...

Went to a baseball game, it was the perfect summer activity.  The fireworks after the game were also fantastic.

The fleas came back...  double gross...

Took the weekend off WW to enjoy hanging out with two sweet friends.

Plus lots and lots of relaxing, reading books and other low key stuff.

Missed you guys!

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  1. Hope you are soon all the way back to feeling yourself! Sorry about the thyroid acting up again...I think sometimes a "viral illness" can set off autoimmune disease.

    Take care,


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