Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kitchen tips n.1

This post is mainly for me. I wouldn't call myself a great cook, but I like to cook. I'm still learning so much, and I can use all of the help I can get. I've run across some great tips lately, and I thought they'd be fun to share. I'll start today and finish in another post.

1. Keep track of your leftovers....
  • From Tammy's mom at Tammy's recipes. She makes a list of what leftovers get put in the fridge after a meal and crosses them off a list when they get eaten. Tammy also suggests labeling containers with masking tape with the date.
  • I have a dry erase board (like this one) on my fridge that would be perfect for this. I'm going to start writing down what frozen foods I have too.  

 2. Cake decorating tips aren't just for talented cake decorators...
  • This cake looks so pretty and hard to make, but Amanda at I am Baker shows how fun and easy it can be. 

  •  Sweetapolita shows us that pretty rose shaped meringues can be piped.

3. One thing that I try to do when I actually cook dinner is pack my lunch for the next day at the same time. If I'm making a salad for dinner, I also make one for lunch the next day. When I dish up my plate from the stove, I put another serving in a Pyrex dish for lunch. I'm sure lots of you do that too.

More another time!!

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  1. L U V that rose cake...I wonder if I could do that? I have a wole set of those cake decorating tips somewhere that someone gave me. I'l have to dig them out and try this.

    Also, the label the left overs idea is gret. With my three guys all eating at different times, ad taking left overs for lunch this is somehing I REALY need to do!

    Great pot!


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