Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Story of a Simple Dress

Let's say you buy a dress...

It's a simple jersey dress. It feels good, fits well and the color is just right. It's easy to layer for cool summer nights and early fall mornings:

Summer into Fall

Then it gets cooler, and you can't imagine putting the dress away with your summer clothes. So you pull out some comfy tights to go with your favorite boots...

Fall into Winter

When winter is almost over, your favorite dress still lifts your spirits with a few spring touches.

Winter into Spring

And when the summer heat is back and all you want to wear is a cool favorite, your sweet dress is still there...

Spring into Summer


  1. All very stylish arrangements! I always forget that I can wear dresses with tights in the fall/winter and still stay warm.

  2. Yes! A good, solid, lovely staple! This is such a great reminder that not everything summery has to be put away in the fall/winter. :-)


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