Thursday, July 14, 2011

Counting Points

This is not me
It's been almost two years since my diagnosis with Addison's, and although I don't talk about it much here, one of the downfalls of being on so much medicine is decreased metabolism and weight gain. My activity level is still way lower than it should be and it's a constant struggle to find a balance between the right amount of hydrocortizone (HC) and the right amount of exercise. Too much HC makes me gain weight, too much exercise and not enough HC makes me sick. So with my sweet tooth and those factors, I've gained quite a bit of weight since October of 2009.

So I decided I needed a little help getting control, and I joined Weight Watchers online. It's been 6 days, and so far I like it. I tried counting calories in the past, but I never stuck to my goal. WW gives you a certain number of points you can eat each day, and it's been pretty easy to follow. I haven't been too hungry. Luckily fruits and vegetables are zero points. Edamame has been a good friend. I've also been eating lots of salads with low fat cheese and deli meat.

I don't know if I've lost any weight yet, my scale has been broken for a month or so (ironic, no?). I've also been trying to start exercising more consistently. Before now, the most exercise I got was walking Brody for 10 or 15 minutes after work. I want to do a lot more than that. Yoga, longer walks, going to the work out room, and lifting weights are all things I'd like to start doing each week.

Who knows how it will go, but I'm hopeful! I'll keep ya posted!


  1. Good for you. Just one word of advice - as you start lifting weights, you may gain some weight, as muscle weighs more than fat. Use a tape measure to measure yourself in the main areas and watch your progress monthly. Losing inches and getting toner is a better measure of health than just the number on the scale.

    Either way, though, don't get discouraged if you see the number fluxuate in the first couple of months especially. Keep at it! :)

  2. Sorry to hear about the Addison's. My cousin had Addison's and I know what a struggle it was for her to keep the weight off. I wish you lots of luck with Weight Watchers! Counting calories is no fun, but once you get the hang of what you can eat and what to stay away from, it should get easier. I also agree with what Marianna said. Focus on being the healthiest you possible and forget about the scale. I'm guilty of that myself, but it's a good reminder for me too. Good luck!! Keep us updated.

  3. @Marianna Thanks Marianna, I'll keep that in mind! :)

  4. @Mrs. Stranded Mrs. S, it's so interesting that your cousin had Addison's! It's very rare. Thanks for the good luck wishes! :)

  5. You go girl! Being consistent and persistent goes a long way. Throw the scale away and don't buy another one. Scales are a tool of the Devil, designed to make you feel horrible about yourself.


  6. @Dusty thanks Dusty, you make me laugh... :) I may end up getting a scale just to track my progress. But at this point I'll be so happy when I can fit into my clothes. ;)


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