Friday, February 11, 2011

Take Your Dog to Work Day

A snowy day a couple of weeks ago I planned to take Brody to the kennel for the day and pick him up at 5 to go up to Louisville.  But when I got to the kennel I saw that the steep driveway was covered in ice, and there were no tire tracks yet. Not knowing what to do, but with it getting close to 8, I decided to head to work and figure things out from there. When I got to work I took Brody inside, and of course everyone was happy to see him. (Even my boss stopped and petted his head for a minute.) I waited a little bit and then called the kennel only to find out that they were only going to be open for a few hours! I debated whether I should take him home and come back to work or take him somewhere else. But my co-workers thought he'd probably be fine just spending the day at the office.

Since it was a snowy day (and a Friday) everyone seemed to be extra laid back, and it worked out so well! Brody spent the day getting spoiled by everyone at work. He took a few naps, he watched people being busy, and he sat on my lap watching me work. He only barked a few tiny barks, and he was well behaved in every other way. I'm not sure I would like having him here all of the time, but it was a treat to have him with me that day. We all joked that we should have a "Take your Dog to Work Day" sometime.

P.S. do you like his "winter haircut"?

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