Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby it's Cold Outside...

 Okay, so winter might be almost over, but I wanted to share these pictures of Brody in a scarf.  Doesn't he look annoyed?  Ha, and I insisted he sit still for some pictures.


  1. cute!!!! Does Brody need a girlfriend? Because I've got a sweet little Jack Russell who would totally dig a man in a scarf :D

  2. hehehehehe OMG, Suzanna! he is soooooocute! his scarf is really sweet!

    Tks for stopping by!


  3. Adorable!!! He is dog-gone fashionable!! My Geek saying for the day! No, he is truly precious. I have a couple of adorable fuzzy doggies myself, but they aren't this small. Still, it is so easy to love, love, love our little companions!!
    Lana C.


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