Thursday, October 7, 2010

S and P

I have a cute little shelf hanging in my kitchen, and it's holding my salt and pepper shakers. Someday I'll add a few more, but I'll have to really love them because I don't want a huge collection.  Just a cute little shelf with a few cute sets. 

Salt and pepper shakers can be so fun.  They come in pairs and that just makes them cuter! I like ceramic ones the best. Here's the "two peas in a pod" set that I have:
Two Peas in a Pod
 Mom gave me this set for Easter a couple years ago:
Easter Chick and Bunny
I would love to run across a set of birds like one of these on vacation.  They would make a great souvenir and be so cute on my shelf. 
Two birds

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  1. I LOVE the two peas in a pod salt & pepper set!!!!!!!!!!
    Lana C.


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