Monday, October 18, 2010

Butter came to stay...

This weekend, my pal brother, Butter came for a visit.  I have a lot of nicknames for my brothers, but butter is Ben's oldest one.  ;)  He doesn't like it, I'm sure... 

Brody and I picked him up from the airport on Friday night, and we spent the evening watching tv, walking Brody and eating Taco Soup.  Brody looved having another human to sit on.  Ben kindly brought me apples from the north (they smell glorious!). 

Saturday we went to breakfast at Fido.  I had fried eggs, ham and cafe' au lait.  Ben had steak and eggs and a latte.  Then a walk at Edwin Warner.  Where we got lost and sang "All I want for breakfast is cornbread and coffee..." with a reggae band there for a benefit event.  Even though we were tired, we still managed to go play laser tag with some friends, take a long drive, and have dinner with my neighbors.  It was a fun day, but boy, we were tired in the end.  

Sunday morning was sunny and warm.  After church and a fun lunch with friends we picked up Brody and headed to the dog park.  All too soon it was 4 o'clock and Ben needed to be at the airport to catch his flight back to Chicago. 

Brody and I were worn out last night.  After his bath and haircut he plopped down by the couch and didn't move until bedtime, and I barely worked on some laundry. 

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