Monday, September 24, 2012

The list

umm, yeah... 

19 days!!!!! eeek! I'm not really sure it feels real. but, oh man, I'm so ready. I miss BL so much and I'm ready to be done with work here in Nashville. So here's "the list" dun, dun, dun.... 

  • make veil (second attempt, the first one was the wrong color)
  • Shopping: guest book pens, Fishing line, misc. fabric, gift cards
  • Confirm ceremony order with Pastor
  • Confirm ceremony music with Muscician
  • Finalize reception playlist
  • Pack for honeymoon
  • Pack for week of wedding
  • give honeymoon itinerary to parents
  • finish day of schedule 
  • Finish games for reception tables
  • Make and print ceremony programs
  • wrap presents (for parents, attendants, etc.)
  • Make signs for guest book, lawn games, etc.
  • Buy gift cards for people giving us their time
  • Make bunting and banner
  • go to 2nd and 3rd dress fittings
  • get ring plated and cleaned
  • buy heel inserts for wedding day shoes
  • decide on wedding day hairstyle and practice creating it
  • E-mail wedding day details to everyone involved with the wedding
  • Make sure wedding day binder is ready for day-of-coordinator
  • Create diagrams and descriptions of decor for day of decorating (that I won't be allowed to help with)
  • Download sheet music for ceremony and give it to our ceremony musician
  • Give Brody a close haircut so it has time to fluff up a bit before the wedding
  • Get a facial ? maybe?  probably not...
  • Whiten my teeth
  • Work on pre-marital counseling homework
Other To-Dos:
  • return comcast equiptment
  • e-mail about 10 people back
  • polish up my resume'
  • find someone to buy/take my furniture
  • Pack Apartment (enough said) Almost done!!!
  • cancel gym membership
  • cancel rental insurance
  • get copies of medical records from Endocrinologist
  • get new glasses 3 pairs! I love them!
  • go to the dentist
Week of the wedding:
  • make bridesmaids bouquets
  • put together napkins with utensils
  • get marriage license
  • Pay the photographer
  • Pay the florist
  • Decorate the tent
  • Decorate for the ceremony
  • Finalize our reception music
  • Steam rehearsal dinner dress
  • practice dancing

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  1. WOW! That is a list! I love the last one....practice dancing! All my wishes for a perfect day, perfect weather, perfect flowers perfect everything!!!! SO HAPPY for you!

    Take care of yourself. Keep a stash of HC nearby!


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