Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Organizing Photos and my scrapbooking dillema continued...

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If you couldn't already tell by my last post, I'm leaning more towards digital than traditional scrapbooking for most of my To Do List.

I have several albums that are half finished that I'll finish the traditional way, and there are a few special events that are less than 10 pictures each that will go in albums I already have. So here is my updated Photo To Do List:
  1. Finish unfinished scrapbooks
  2. Organize remaining photos
  3. Create photo disks for all digital photos
  4. Back up digital photos on portable hard drive
  5. Create digital scrapbooks (see list below) 
Digital Books to make:
  1. Wedding
  2. Honeymoon
  3. 2012
  4. 2011
Here are some options I'm considering:
I've really really intended on making a Blurb blog book for a year now, and just haven't done it yet. But I've been hearing more about Blurb for photo books. This might be a great option for both. I really like how Natalie did hers. I also like what Lemon and Raspberry did with her Alaska and Scotland vacations and her December daily book. When I first found Allie Edwards blog I was convinced that I wanted to do a week in the life book, but the December daily book looks really fun. The buildup to Christmas would be so interesting to document. Another interesting photo book is this Instagram one that Elise did. She wrote captions in it after it was printed. I like the personal touch.

I've heard mixed reviews on this one. Their software crashes and people lose all of their work... other people say they love it. They have some great coupon codes though, like 50% off and buy one get one free. I've ordered prints from shutterfly many times.

Not sure yet about this one, but I like what I see so far. Great reviews and lots of freedom to customize. The software is online, and that makes me nervous. Just like with Shutterfly- there's more of a risk of losing your work.

I've heard some great things about this one. You download their app on your computer and do all of your work in that. The books are all landscape- which is probably fine- but I noticed that some of the other sides have portrait sized books too.

PhotoBookGirl is a fun blog that has a ton of reviews on different photo book sites and has coupon codes. There is also a wizard that will help you decide which site to use and show comparative prices. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it's pretty cool.

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  1. I'm not sure if you've already started this feat, but I LOVE MyPublisher. Their print quality, paper and even their design program is A-mazing! They offer some great coupons sometimes. I also like using Shutterfly for my quick and dirty photo projects. Their print quality is so-so, but I love their satisfaction guarantee. For example, I had them print our baby announcements and realized after they arrived that I had made a typo! I called their customer service and told them what I had done. Without hesitation, they issued me a store credit (including free shipping) to make my correction and have them reprinted. Sometimes this beats out the print quality... Good luck on your photo books!


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