Tuesday, September 4, 2012

After wed-blues

Ok, so this seems a little silly to me, but I'm going to blog about it anyways. After the wedding, I'm pretty sure I'll be busy (getting a job, sewing curtains for our new apartment, learning how to be a wife...) but some of my friends who planned wedding before me say that it can be a let down to be done with wedding planning. I've started to think about some great projects to do after I get moved to North Carolina.

#1 Scrapbooking--- you know, that thing I said I was going to do before the wedding... Well, as I've mentioned recently, it hasn't gotten done. I need to takle that box of loose photos, and get going on recent life events. Here's a recap of some of the things I need to scrapbook or finish:
  • senior year trip
  • my birthday scrapbook
  • several vacations through the years (3 or 4 or so)
  • our wedding
  • our honeymoon
  • the years 2010-2012

#2 Family History--- I'm really excited to delve into some ancestry work. I studied history in college, and I've always said that social history is my favorite. You know what I mean, the day to day, nitty gritty stuff? Who was who and what they did and what their everyday lives were like? That's what I like. So it's natural that I need to find out these things about my own family AND Blake's family. Some of my relatives have already done a great job of researching our family tree and there are several cousins doing things right now that I want to join in on.

#3 Embroidery--- yes, the needle-craft. I don't know why, but I love it. The winter months will be perfect for this. I did some last year and the year before, but I'm ready to really learn the correct way to do the stitches. Check out these projects I found on Pinterest!
find it here on Etsy

Find it here at the blog jessimakesthings

find it here at the blog yougogirl

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