Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blue Wedding Shoes!

I found my blue shoes! They aren't at all like I thought I was looking for, but they are perfect.

I wasn't expecting to like ones with rhinestones, but they add a dressy element that simple flats don't have.

I'm so excited to have them! I found them at TJ Max for only $40. At department stores I've seem them for around $100, so it does my bargain shopper heart good that I got such a good deal.

They are Adrienne Vittadini "Sapphire"


  1. Beautiful shoes! I'm sure everything you pick out will be lovely. I've always enjoyed looking at your fashion ideas. Your wedding will be amazing; I'm sure of it.


  2. Cute cute! Flats are a great idea for your big day!!

  3. I saw these the other day at TJ Maxx and said to my roommate "Oh my goodness, these would make the perfect wedding shoes!" I'm glad someone else thought the same thing.

  4. Hey there! I know you posted this a while ago but can you tell me what brand these are? I am looking for something just like this for my big day too. Thanks in advance!~Amber

    1. ok, I am sorry, I see you actually posted that!! I overlooked it in my excitment :)

  5. That flat blue wedding shoes is really elegant and cute. I like it! Thumbs up for sharing this to us. Love the glitter design on it!!

  6. Beautiful wedding shoes. I love it! This is really awesome.


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