Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Invitations and spring at my desk

The view at my desk today. I stopped at lunch and bought a $3 bouquet of cheerful tulips. 

Wedding planning is so much fun, and there are so many different ideas flying around in my head. I have enough ideas for 10 weddings. No, I don't want to become a wedding planner, but it is hard to decide what my favorite ideas are. I want our wedding to have a cohesive feel, and still be memorable and fun. We bought paper and envelopes to make our invites! I was toying with two different options: floral or travel themed. Everyone who knows me knows I love flowers, so that would fit me. But a green and blue color scheme with some pretty flowers doesn't necessarily show off our vintage travel theme. Plus, BL really liked the airmail theme I cooked up. Decision made, all that's left is to design the invitation and put them all together. All 150 of them. I'm excited to do it, it's a great excuse to be crafty and watch a bunch of Heartland. oh and hang out with my sweet MOH. She already offered to help and she doesn't even know what I have planned! Here's a sneak peak of the supplies I have bought so far:

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  1. I love your theme! It's great that you are so involved in making your dream wedding come true. I did so much of my own church wedding that had been planned in 30 days flat. My husband was in the Air Force and being able to pin down a date was nearly impossible at that time. It made it more wonderful though...a whirlwind of excitement. I know all of your careful thoughts, creativity and sweetness will be highlighted on your wedding day!



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