Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Thursday kind of week

Happy Thursday! 
 Thursdays are my most tired days of the week, so today I have tried to do things to keep my energy level up. Including:

  • listening to Christmas music on Pandora (Gene Autry and Bing Crosby anyone??)
  • Planning out what I'm going to do tonight (who am I kidding, I do that everyday at work)
  • writing with my peppermint scented candy cane pen (33 cents at wags. yup, I bought one for each of my work buddies too.)
  • adding new clothes to Polyvore (take a look at my latest versions of my work uniform---> below)

Winter wardrobe uniform #2

My winter uniform

I haven't been successful lately at losing weight. I stopped gaining right before my RAI, but I can't seem to lose any. So I've still been wearing a lot of skirts to work. They are so much more forgiving than pants as my weight fluctuates. I almost bought two pairs of khaki pants at Old Navy this week, but my budget won out over the $42 I would have spent. Plus, their pants don't last very long so it was probably wise to wait ( and maybe a little bit more motivation to lose weight? as if I don't already have enough...)

Brody has been with BL this week. I've missed him. At night I've been cold since he's such a little heater, and when I get home the apartment seems so still. BL sent me this picture on Monday of what Brody had been up to:
See those little paws??? so cute.

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  1. Super cute looks...don't you love Polyvore! Also love the little paws! ;)

    Liesl :)


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