Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The post in which I give you a bullet list...

This is what last weekend looked like. Note- the remote is in a plastic bag... more on that later.

I keep thinking of things I want to blog about. Recipes, craft projects, things Brody has done... Then I get busy with work (very important, since it pays my rent) or I just continue to sit on the couch, crocheting and watching the Biggest Loser. But I can't help but feel like I'm behind- I want to record what's been going on- even though I feel less than motivated to blog. So here it is, a list.
  • I had radioactive iodine therapy done on Friday, and spent Fri, Sat and Sun locked away in my apartment by myself.
  • Brody spent the weekend with my sweet friend Kristina. I missed him a lot. 
  • We have a new couch and I've been doing re-arranging and re-decorating in our living room. 
  • I'm making baby gifts. I love doing it, and wish I could share what I'm making, but my friends might see and the surprises will be ruined.
  • Weight Watchers was great for 3 months, but I didn't renew it and I've gained back the weight.
  • My thyroid will soon be gone and my metabolism is probably going to tank too....
  • I'm on a diet. but this time it just includes a few rules: eat fruits and veggies when I'm hungry between meals, only one treat each day, and eat less overall. In theory it sounds good.
  • Exercising is on the top of my to do list, but I severely lack motivation. 
  • It is dark at 5pm. This does not help me accomplish my #1 to do...
  • Brody spent an hour last night chasing after, barking at, and tossing around an empty water bottle. Why in the world do I buy him squeaky stuffed dog toys??
  • My little brother is going to Thailand in December with YWAM. I wish he was closer so that I could take him out to eat at my favorite Thai place before he goes.
  • Being in isolation for three days gave me the chance to become obsessed with the Canadian show Heartland. Netflix only has season one and half of two, and now I'm dealing with Heartland withdrawal. Someone help me...
  • It was so beautiful outside yesterday that I pulled my folding chair out of my trunk and sat next to my car in the parking lot on my lunch break. It felt like spring.
  • I'm going to post about radioactive iodine, but it's still in the works.
  • I'm busy making planner pages. I would like to share them as PDFs when I'm done. I just need to figure out how to upload PDFs to blogger. 
  • Also, I ordered new glasses today.
  • That is all. 

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  1. When there is snow on the ground a plastic bottle (Water, pop or for the most fun, an empty gallon of milk) Brody will love chasing them. Too much fun for a dog! So easily amused aren't they? Gotta love em!


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