Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Terrific or Terrible Tuesday (depending on how you see it)

I really wish I were somewhere else today...  like Antarctica or India or Norway or... somewhere.

One disheartening thing: a migraine settled in at 8 am Sunday morning and has yet to leave.  I keep warning it that it had better scram, but so far no luck...

One happy thing: I have a beautiful new tv cabinet (pictures to come)

One yummy thing: I let myself have as much diet coke as I want when I have a migraine.

One wishful thing: that my sick day will be paid for yesterday

One thankful thing: a job, job, job...

One frustrating thing: relationships

One glorious-wonderful thing: relationships

One curious thing: my downstairs neighbor has boxes piled in front of her windows...

One healthy thing: I feel good (Addison's-wise) and, latest blood tests are today!  (results will take a few days though)

One weird thing: my left turn signal randomly speeds up and slows down.  This has happened for at least 6 months.

One very boring thing: lunch today = baked chicken, broccoli and rice

One unfortunate thing: I borrowed 65 cents from Eddie this morning, and now I owe him 65 cents.

One random thing: Brody and I both have paint in our hair from hard work painting this weekend. 

One joyful thing: Bible study tonight with the girls!  can't wait!

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