Monday, June 11, 2012

Shoes continued...

Lately I'm not sure what to share. Wedding planning isn't fun right now. My health is not cooperating. And I'm anxious again. Sob, sob, sob. haha. The reality is that life is just busy. I'm missing out on reading all of my favorite blogs, and my own blog is being sadly neglected.

It turns out my blood work shows that I'm quite hypothyroid right now. Who knew? I didn't, that's for sure. The only new symptoms I've had are crying (all the time, when I don't know why), and a little dizziness. I haven't noticed any increased tiredness, weight gain, or any of the other typical hypo symptoms I remember. So I was really surprised. I've been taking the generic of synthroid and my doctor reccomends the brand name drug. Does anyone know if that makes a difference? I've been buying the generic because it's less than 1/3 the cost of brand name, but the brand name might be worth the price if it works better.

I'm up to 150 mcg of Synthroid. I take it at 5 am, 45 minutes before my HC and on an empty stomach. The doctor said it seemed like I wasn't even taking it. Weird...

Hm, let's see what else is going on... I'm doing weight watchers again. I haven't gained or lost a pound in several months. I've started working out a little more. Not much, but a little.

In the world of weddings, I'm still looking for wedding shoes. I tried my dress on with my shoes and they're not right. I don't know how to explain it, but they don't feel right. Remember this?

Well I think I'm actually looking for something more like these:
from Nina Culver
from Nina Brynn

I know, I know, they're all different and not all are blue... I'm just not sure what I want. And if there is one part of this wedding that seems important lately it's my shoes and jewelry. They are two aspects of this wedding that I can control, and can choose all on my own. I'm not feeling pressure to get them picked out immediately, but I do feel a bit anxious to decide for myself.


  1. What do you eat for breakfast? Cereals are loaded with iron and this interferes with thyroid meds. There may be something interfering with how you are absorbing the Synthroid.

  2. I usually eat yogurt or fruit for breakfast with coffee around 8:30 or 9am. That's, oh... at least 3 hours after my thyroid meds. The only thing I take or eat between 5 am and breakfast is my 10 mg of HC. I take a multivitamin sometime between 11am and 3pm, but that should be far enough apart from my thyroid med too. Is there anything that might be going on with my body that would keep my thyroid meds from absorbing/metabolizing correctly?

  3. Suzanna, Just what you need when you are planning the wedding...another illness to add to the list! I take the generic Synthroid, but my doctor would prefer the brand name. She likes it better, but my RX plan won't allow it. As for the will know the perfect ones when you see them...I love them all!

  4. Does your doctor check both the T 4 and T3? Not just the TSH? I wonder if you aren't failing to convert your Synthroid into T3 so it is usable. HC can inhibit this conversion. This conversion happens in the liver, kidneys and at the cellular level. Hope you soon get this figured out...I had to add in T3 as well as T4 hormone. Made a huge difference.

    I am sure you will find just the right shoe!


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