Monday, May 7, 2012

Why I wish I was best friends with Robin Jones Gunn

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I just finished reading "Finally and Forever" by Robin Jones Gunn. It's like the finale to a series you've watched for years on tv... long anticipated, but bittersweet. It all started with the Christy Miller series I read in middle school. This last book was a continuation of the stories started in that series. Robin Jones Gunn has written over 80 books and I think I've read more than half of them. She is my favorite author and I'd recommend anything she's written. Let me tell you why.

Her writing is down to earth. The characters in her novels aren't perfect, and they remind you of yourself. And by the end of many of the books, the characters remind you of the kind of person you want to be. Inspiring things happen to her characters and changes happen in their hearts that make you want to learn and grow in faith.

There are also moments in all of her books that make me stop and read sentences over again- nuggets of truth that I can't help but want to remember. Robin must be a wise woman in person, because the things her characters say are such amazing mini life lessons. I've learned about handling life with more grace from each Robin Jones Gunn book I've read. In many ways I've identified with the different characters she's created, and she writes about how they overcome challenges differently than expected. Her writing about these fictional characters almost gives her readers permission to do the same.

I'd love to have Robin as my best friend, sharing insightful advice to my problems and her opinions about what I should do. If I'm going to be really honest though, I do have some wonderful Robins in my life. Women who care, and are willing to speak into my life. Reading "Finally and Forever" and the Sisterchicks books inspire me to work harder to be caring and involved friend. We need people in our lives that lift us up, bring us along, and point us to God. I'd love to be best friends with Robin, but you know, I think I'd like to be Robin to my friends too. 

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