Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crusties and puppies

This morning I woke up with crusties in my eyes and a dog laying across my legs. I guess he thinks he's in charge if I can't move. I've been watching a lot of the Dog Whisperer lately and Ceasar would not approve. The crusties were probably a result of the pollen flying through the air outside. But you don't care about that I'm sure.

Work has been a roller coaster lately. Today everyone's moods reflect that and I wish I could help. But nothing can be done until we all find out some news we've been waiting to hear. crypic, I know, and yes it's annoying to all of us as well.

Wedding planning is slightly better than work lately, but at times it can seem like such a big deal. Right now I'm ready to be just a couple of months away from the wedding and have everything bought and the decisions all made. There are too many options right now, and too much time to change my mind.

Here are some beautiful things that I've found lately that may or may not make their way into our wedding details:

Silk Bells of Ireland at Old Time Pottery (personal photo)

paper rosettes

Blue glass tea-light holders from Old Time Pottery (personal photo)

Heavenly Blooms

Kate Spade
Hot House Designs

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  1. Is wonderful to see the world through your eyes. You have one more fan in Brazil.


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