Thursday, August 26, 2010

Need a laugh and a distraction?

Until today I wasn't sure if Ray Blackston had written any more books than the three of his that I already own.  But there are two other novels!  If you haven't heard of or read Ray Blackston, I would highly recommend "Flabbergasted."  Ray tells the story of a guy in his 20's who moves to a new city and begins the adventure of meeting new people and hopes to find a girlfriend.  It sounds pretty simple, but the story is so funny, Ray's style is quippy, so easy to read, and the story continues in two subsequent novels. 

"Flabbergasted" is the first book- about Jay a stockbroker who meets a quirky missionary.

"A Delirious Summer" comes next and it tells the story of Jay's friend, Neil, a missionary on furlough.

and in the third, "Lost in Rooville," Jay and his crazy friends take a trip to Australia. 

The two I haven't read are: "Last Mango in Texas" and "Par for the Course.

I can't wait!  I'm going to see if I can request them from the library. 


  1. It is so refreshing to have a kindred spirit who also actually uses the library!!!! People forget that they don't have to pay for books, they can wait til the library has it and check it out for FREE!! What a resource!!! I'm going to put these on my list as well.

  2. I agree! People don't realize that you can request crisp new books that are delivered to your local branch and put on hold for you. It's just as good as buying them, except it's free! :)


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