Monday, August 23, 2010

I've always wanted to be a "drop by and say hi" kind of friend...

Some days I look around my apartment and think, "If someone were to stop by to say hi today, I would be really embarrassed by the mess in here..."  Realistically, the chances of someone stopping by without calling first is pretty slim.  Unless my Grandparents are driving through town, I'm probably not going to have anyone just "drop by."  I don't know where I get this image in my mind (maybe sitcoms?) but I've always wanted to be the kind of person my friends knew they could "drop in on."  I want to be the kind of friend you know will love to see you and offer hospitality no matter what time of day.  That kind of casual closeness and acceptance is something I crave.

Maybe I'll have that someday, but right now it doesn't really work that way.  I wouldn't just drop in to see any of my friends.  I would worry that they would be in the middle of something, or that I wouldn't be welcome because they aren't ready for company.  Our lives are so busy that it seems like most people have something planned for every night of the week.

I want to be the kind of friend who can offer support, company, and hospitality whenever my friends need it.  I want to have a home that is welcoming and a comfortable place to be. I want to be able to answer a knock at my door with a smile and ready to say, "Come on in!"  (not thinking about how I need to make a quick de-cluttering sweep.)  How do I make my home that place?  What do you think?  Is it possible to be that kind of friend? 

If you ever want to stop by and say hi, please do!


  1. I want those friends, too. And I want to be that friend. I have them in my hometown, but not here in busy dallas. Everyone is too busy to stop and visit.

  2. Suzanna!! I AM stopping by right now to say, "Hello!!!" I think everything looks just perfect & this visit has been very wonderful. Also, where in the world did you see that street sign about Addison's? Talk about unique...Thanks for welcoming all of us. My place isn't perfect either; at least we have CHARACTER! :-) Lana C.


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