Friday, January 22, 2010

Apartment Decoration Inspiration

In about 7 weeks I will be moving into my new apartment! My family is coming down to help me move, and I can't wait. It will be soo good to see them, and I am so excited to get going on decorating and arranging things. But for now, I have been collecting inspiration. There are so many things I have thought of doing. Here are some pictures that I've been saving:

I'm thinking about putting a small table in my sun-room for eating. I like this one, and it has a drop leaf, making it even smaller! The sun-room is 9" x 5" roughly. I found this one at From the reviews, I don't think it would be a good purchase, but it's the look I think I want.

This chair is from Target. com. I like the color and clean lines. I'm planning on buying a sofa and an upholstered chair for my living room.

This living room isn't completely my style, but I love the white coffee table! Maybe I can find one like it at the flea market or a garage sale... (picture from

I've been admiring sea grass and other natural fiber furniture for a long time. Now that I'm buying furniture for myself, I can't resist working it into my decorating scheme. This is a banana leaf woven set from

Another Chair and ottoman set that I liked from

Ever since Pottery Barn came out with a small space table like this I have wanted one. This table is from and has a drop leaf. I'm not sure if it would be too big for where I want to put it, but I like it a lot. See, isn't it gorgeous in the Pottery Barn Catalog?

For my living room, I'm sticking with plain neutral furniture colors (probably a brown or tan sofa and chair, and a white coffee table), and I'm still undecided about the color scheme. I saw a fuchsia pillow at Marshall's the other day, and I loved the idea of pink, brown and green. I think this Amy Butler fabric is so pretty too. (Daisy Chain, Deco Rose, Brown)

But I also like the idea of a soothing palette of brown, cream, aqua and green... We'll see I guess. I still have to buy furniture, so I have time to decide on the rest of the details. I can't wait!

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  1. so exciting!!!
    cant wait to see what the new place looks like when its all decorated!


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