Monday, June 18, 2007

A new job

I could tell you a lot of interesting things about my new job, but I signed about 5 confidentiality agreements. I can tell you that I'm the secretary for the two city attorneys. I have a desk with a computer, but no e-mail account. About 10 times today I reached for the mouse to check the e-mail and I had to remind myself that I couldn't. There was a lot of time today that I was sooo bored, but I guess that goes along with it being my first day. I spent a lot of time making copies and running errands. Hopefully I'll have more to do tomorrow.

I feel like a really boring person... lol. Well, I'll write more when I'm more exciting. : )

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  1. Suz, I think it's so cool that you moved to Nashville and are all on your own! That rocks! I have never been there, but hope to visit someday! The west is awesome, have you ever been to Oregon?


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