Monday, August 27, 2012

Bi-Weekly Haircut

Broadster gets a haircut about every other week. When he gets shaggy people start to complain, saying he doesn't look happy. Plus Brody starts to itch and scratch and get stinky. One time I thought we'd try to grow his hair long like a show dog. My mom thought longer hair would keep him warm at night.

A Lhasa strutting his stuff.
 But this is the farthest we got:
Do I look happy to you?
Brody didn't like it. at all. He was constantly rubbing his eyes, licking his legs (eww), and scratching and scratching.  Plus his face got dirty and his tail got matted. The mats were painful for him when I brushed him (even after brushing just the day before). Let me tell you, this dog likes to run and play--he doesn't sit still enough to preserve a pretty hair-do.

So we take an hour every couple of weeks to get a hair cut. I use hair cutting scissors to trim his face, between his footpads, his legs, and his ears. I use clippers to even out the hair on his whole body. These are the clippers we have:
I think I paid $25 for them at PetSmart. Here they are online.
Brody loves the clippers. I think it must feel like a massage to him, because he cuddles right up close and almost falls asleep as I go. I need to buy some that are better quality in the future. If I only used these once in a while they would be great, but they're getting tired. I've had them for two years though, so as far as an investment goes, they're not bad.

It's amazing, I can go through the whole routine of Brody's haircut and he lets me do whatever I need to do. But when it comes to trimming his nails, it's all out toddler hissy fit time. I mean, crying and yelping, body thrashing, nipping at my hands... We used to fight for 10 minutes or more and he would finally give up and let me do it. I recently bought a PediPaws, and things have improved some- but Brody still throws a fit every now and then.
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  1. So cute after his haircut! My dog WILL NOT let me brusg her, or trim her nails. I think it's because I took her to the groomer from the very beginning, maybe she doesn't trust me. She's a Keeshond and difficult to take care of her coat. Brody looks like a sweetie! Hope you are feeling good!


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