Friday, December 4, 2009

Waiting for Spring to Come!

I'm getting my own place in March or April and I've been collecting decorating ideas for awhile now. I've always loved mixing and matching styles and I am so excited to have a place all my own to play in. I'm making a scrapblog with all of my ideas, but I though I'd share some of them here too. I read so many blogs and see so many things that inspire me, so I don't have all of the sources. (sorry, friends!) I will try and keep better track of where I am finding these things.

#1 This white dresser makes me smile because of the way it's paired with the lamp, bird figurine and *of course* the vase of daffodils. I have a vase that looks just like this lamp base, which I adore. I wonder if I could turn it into a lamp?

#2 This picture is from Better Homes and Gardens. And believe it or not, there is a small tv behind the curtains on this shelving unit. It used to be one of those ugly particle board entertainment units, and now it's an adoreable piece of furniture! I just need to find an ugly entertainment center at a thrift store or a garage sale...

#3 This picture is from Better Homes and Gardens, in a slideshow on called "hand me down living room." What I love about it is how bright and homey it feels. I'm planning on buying a long couch and I think I'm going to look for one this color. I'm really drawn to Creams, Browns and Tans in the living room. It makes it really easy to throw in bright spots of color and to change them often. My bedroom furniture is black and white, so it would be nice to have browns in another room.

#4 I have a few empty picture frames, so I'm on my way to getting this layered look. The middle one in this picture is really pretty. Mine are painted black and brown right now, but I'm thinking I might like to paint them white. White, bright and cheerful is the look I want. This picture is from the blog, fairehoure.

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