Monday, November 23, 2009

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee...

My favorite scene in this YouTube video is of Rory right after Logan told her he loved her and she is crying hysterically and saying, "But I love coffee!" haha, I don't remember why she said that, but it makes me laugh every time. Of course, Lorelei's famous quote: "Coffee, coffee, coffee is a saying, like an exaggeration. It's a funny, desperate cry for caffeine. It's just my thing cause everybody knows I drink a lot of coffee, so the day can't start until I've had my morning jolt. It's a bit, my bit." showed up as well. I think that's from season 5 when she was fighting with Luke and she was forced to go to Weston's.

I guess if you don't know me very well, you wouldn't know that I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan. Coffee is a recurring theme in the series and it seemed like the perfect way to start this confession... I mean post. :)

I never thought it would come to this, but I now need a cup of coffee every morning. Recently I started craving coffee in the morning and goodness knows I am not going to drink the coffee at work. (it is stored in carafes older than I am, and who knows how often it is freshly made) So I make my own at home in a tiny coffee press. It's really, really tiny. If I am going to make coffee for a friend or a second cup, I have to literally start over because it is that small. But it works perfectly for my new morning coffee ritual. Being on a budget, I think I found some economical choices for my coffee grinder, coffee press and tea kettle:

Mr. Coffee Grinder $15.19
Bodum Brazil 3 cup Coffee Press $14.99
Copco Tucker Teakettle $12.49

I bought them at Target, easy as pie. I wasn't going to wait for them to come if I bought them online, so I took the easy road. I really like the grinder. It may or may not wake my roommate up in the morning- I haven't asked and she hasn't complained! :) The teakettle is pretty spartan. If I keep it clean an dry it will probably last forever, but I can't help but wish for a shiny colorful one someday.

Call me a snob, but I love the taste of Starbucks coffee. Some people say it tastes burnt, but I guess it's what I was raised on. My parents are not coffee drinkers, and Starbucks was where my friends would congregate every Wednesday night throughout high school and during the summers in college. So anyways, my coffee bean of choice is:

Starbucks Caffè Verona

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