Saturday, September 6, 2008

I love weekends...

This week was rough.  It was cloudy, I was grumpy and people were being insensitive and mean at work. 

But today... I got to work out so much frustration by organizing.  I have a friend who has an 8 year old boy who couldn't see the floor--or the walls-- in his room.  So that's where I came in!  I thought for sure that it would take me at least two full Saturdays to sort and convince him to part with things, but we are about 90% done.  I packed some unsorted boxes into his closet with instructions not to play with those things until after we sort through them.  haha, we'll see what happens there.  : ) 

I love organizing.  There's something I love about being able to take someone's overwhelming space and transform it into something they can love.  Instead of feeling tired and overwhelmed when I'm organizing I feel energized. 

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