Sunday, July 15, 2007

Last Week

Last week went by so fast. I've been getting more and more things to do at work lately. For awhile, I didn't have anything to do-- until the attorney discovered that I can do some of the work she needs. So now I'm busy, but it does make the days go by faster.

Monday night was the Fray concert, it was so cool. I like small shows, but this one was such a production that it seemed epic. This weekend we went garage sale-ing and furniture shopping. We bought a really cool dining table for our apartment and I got a paper towel holder... but that's it. : )
AND I had my 3rd and final interview at Samaritan's Purse. I'm really anxious to hear back from them. They said they would know in the next week and a half. I'm just praying that as they make the decision, they will remember the finer points of my interview and the things I said about why I really want to work there.
Tomorrow is Monday, groan... I don't feel rested from the weekend. I'm ready to have another weekend already. Well, it's good to be earning money!

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